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1 lakh rupees and golden chance of winning free food for life.

Hello friends, have come with a lot of good news for you. Now you can earn . 1 lakh rupees and free food for life.Yes guys, this is absolutely right. For this you just have to complete a small condition. After completing this you will be made ... Read More

Ajab Gajab News

Know about the people who are the world's most unlucky lottery winner.

All of you will dream of that sometimes a good amount of money should be win in lottery in life and change the way you live your life. But it is said that nothing is achieved without luck. Today we are going to talk about some such people. Something happened with this. You will be forc... Read More

Ajab Gajab News

The pace of rotation of the earth is decreasing.

Do you know the speed of rotation of the earth has started to decline? Will this affect some of our life? Let's know ... Thousands of years ago, when the earth was formed, one day was of 6 hours, but today it is 24 hours a day. img1 &l... Read More

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