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Know about the people who are the world's most unlucky lottery winner.

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All of you will dream of that sometimes a good amount of money should be win in lottery in life and change the way you live your life. But it is said that nothing is achieved without luck. Today we are going to talk about some such people. Something happened with this. You will be forced to obey luck.  Will talk today People of bad fate Who missed the become millionaires


First number {Joel Eiffarna}


It happened with this, that they wanted to buy their lottery tickets. So let's go to right before 9 to buy Lottery tickets. He bought 2 tickets.Of which, a ticket entry was earlier than 9 o'clock. Whereas the second ticket entry was 9 pm and 7 seconds. Then the second ticket draw date went to the next week. But when the draw of the lottery came, the second ticket number came. The price of this draw was 27 million Canadian dollars. So he gladly went to take his prize. So, they went there and found out. The draw date of their lottery is next week.

So he got angry at this and got the case on the lottery company.  This case lasted 7 years. But it has no advantage. After all, they lost the case and lost $ 1 million with 27 million Canadian dollars.


Talk to the second number {Timothy Elliot}


They were imprisoned for buying a lottery ticket. Yes, you heard absolutely right. Actually the thing was that.This person tried to rob the bank. So for this reason, he was locked in jail. Because the mental balance of this person was not right. So it was quickly released and some restrictions were imposed on him for 5 years. Because of which he could not do any gambling work. But still, he used to buy a lottery forced by his habit. So one day open the lock of his fate and win a million dollars. After winning, when his photo came on the news, the police watched him and locked him in jail. He fought the case against the police force. Because of which he got lottery money. But he could not escape from jail. Now what does the lottery money in jail also?

So this way He comes in the list of the most bad luck lottery takers.


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