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The man who claim. He is the world fat man

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Many obese people must have seen in their life. But today we are going to talk about the person. After seeing that person, you will forget all obese people.Today we are going to talk. Arbab Kejriya Hayat, this is a resident of Pakistan. And their age is only 25 years. And their weight is 435 kg.

If you hear about their food then you will remain dong. It only drinks 36 eggs, about 4 kg of meat and 5 liters of milk in breakfast. It considers itself the most powerful person in the world. Where a person gets frustrated with the weight gain.

The same Arbab Kijar Hyatt has changed the weight gain to its strength. This person's dream is to become a weight lifting champion. The length of this person is 6 feet 3 inches.

It is Gore's talk that without having so much weight, he has no health related illness. Rather he wants to do his own weight more. Because she Can be able to participate in weight lifting. In one of Japan's championship, Arbagh Qijar Hyatt raised more than 4 thousand kg.


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