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In this UK school, boys wear (skirts)

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Friends, you also seen school girls to wearing a skirt . But if we say, boys wear a skirt in this London school. So you must have been surprised to hear this. Yes guys, this thing is absolutely right.

This is the UK's well-known boarding school.Where the boy got a permit to wear a skirt . This has been done so. Because gender discrimination should be removed. A big decision has been taken in Britain to eradicate this things.

Earlier, to eradicate gender discrimination.The word 'people' was started at the place of student. "Appingam" in Rutland

The school's headteacher said that if any boy shows the desire to wear a skirt.Then he will be allowed to do this. The annual fee of this school is 33 lakh rupees. And this school was built in 1973. Now boys and girl {Student} join in it.


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