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The empire of hundreds of crores erected at such a young age.

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Hello friends. There is no shortage of talented people in our country{INDIA}. Where many intelligent people have taken birth.Who created a unique identity on his own intellect. A new place has reached. The place to reach, it's not capacity to everyone.Today we are talking about those people.

A person who has made the billions of empires at a young age. That person's name is {Vijay Shekhar Sharma}. This is the founder of paytm. Forbes has prepared a list of billionaires in the world in 2018. According to Vijay Shekhar Sharma at 1394. According to Forbes, his property is $ 1.7 billion.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma's age is only 39 years.At that very young age, he has started counting among the Indian billionaires.They invented paytm in 2011. More than 25 million people are using paytm in the time of now. Which transection of more than Rs. 70 lakh per day.Their share is 16% in paytm.


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