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This hotel will make you rich.Let's know how?

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Every couple is dreamed after marriage.That we, go to some romantic place. Some happy moments spent together.Doing all this, he will surely book a hotel.Think.If you {stay} in a hotel at the time of honeymoon and those hotels give you millions of rupees.So how would you feel? Yes, you heard absolutely right. This is a hotel in this world.


Which gives you millions of rupees to stay. So let's know.Reason behind the hotel's to paying so much money. This hotel is a luxurious hotel. Who has removed this offer. Behind this offer, hoteliers have laid this condition. If your wife gets pregnant after coming to this hotel. You will get 70 lakh rupees in prize and the full cost of the hotel will also be waived. Wow what a great thing it is.

So what's the matter of late? My {Newly} married friends. This hotel is in Israel. And its name is Yehuda. But friends, be aware that this offer only happens during {Leap} Years. Leap {Year} So you will know.That comes after 4 years. Enjoy an offer only once in 4 years. So {Couples} comes here on the day of "29 feb" and some great time spends.If the woman claims it. That's the pregnancy. So the hotel owner has placed the team of its own doctor. Which confirm That's true. Not of. Being pregnant, he gives prize money according to the hotel condition.



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