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You will be amazed knowing the secret of these temples of India.

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India is a very unique country.Where many strange phenomena are coming out. There are many such bizarre temples in India. Whose secrets have not yet been revealed.Thousands of pilgrims come to this temple every day. Today we will talk about the main {three temples}. Whose mystery can not be solved by the scientists.So let's start.


The first temple is {Shree Padmanabham Temple}

This temple is located in Kerala. You all will know. The Lakh Tons of gold has been extracted from this temple. Even after extracting so much gold. There is still guess.There is a lot of gold lying in the temple. Actually there are 7 basement in the temple. Out of these 7, 6 basement have been opened.And of them Rs 1 lakh crore worth of gold has been removed. But for some reason the 7th basement was not opened. SAYS .The opening of the 7th basement can bring disaster in the world.

The second temple is {Vrindavan's Nidhivan}

This temple is located in the Vrindavan town of UP state.Is called. In this temple, Lord Krishna still 'raslila' with his gopies in the night time. And God dwells in this temple at night. When Pandit opens the temple when doing aarti in the morning.Then it seems that there was some sleep on the bed and after sunset no one is stay in this temple. Says.If someone does this mistake. So he got dead next morning.

Nidhivan varindawan

Is the last temple {Temple of Ashwaththama} 

All of you have heard Ashwatthama's name.Whom Lord Krishna cursed to suffer throughout his life. People believe in.That he is still alive. Ashwatthama still comes to worship in the Asirigarh Fort, 20 km away from the city of Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh. There is a temple of Lord Shiva at this place. Where he worshiped.Says. If a person sees Ashwaththama worshiping, then his death will happen at that time.It has been wandering for nearly {5000 years}.

So friends, what you have to say.About these mysterious thingsPlease tell us by commenting.


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