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Killer kiss
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A {kiss} took away the 20 year old girl life

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Your senses will fly away from this event.Have you ever heard of someone killing with a kiss? Yes, you heard absolutely {right}. Actually this event is of canada of Montreal.Where a 20 year old girl was Mary Allen, who was an allergy to nuts. Allergic to this extent .Many times remaining before that they die.


Reason for the death of the Miriam. His mother came to know.Miriam Ducre's mother, Michelin Ducre, spoke to General de Quebec, to what extent an allergy could be fatal.According to her mother, her daughter's life was going well and he also made a new friend. Due to the new friendship,She was hesitant to tell her about her allergy.

The life of both of them was running very well.One day his boyfriend kissed Miriam Dukre. So a while later she started having trouble breathing. She had an impression that it was due to allergic reactions. And at this time she asked her boyfriend. Has he consumed peanuts? So he said yes , He has just been eating peanut butter with bread.


As soon as she heard this, his condition became more {serious}. she also took the hospital immediately. But now allergy has done its job.So in this way, the death of Miriam Ducre's from a kiss.


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