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How much is the income of Akash Ambani's wife?

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There is a lot of desire in our lives that. We became big {Rich} men. Our bank balance is good.But it is possible to do this only by facing difficulties and by working hard. Similar is the person of our India. Those who have touched highest level in a short time.

That is Mukesh Ambani. He has achieved tremendous success in his life. Now his business has started handling his son, Akash Ambani and in the last few days, their engagement has happened in Goa and they are about to marry Shloka Mehta.

Which the diamond trader is Russell Mehta's youngest daughter. Russell Mehta is on the number one business in the world. Shloka Mehta is in Dhirubhai Ambani International School with Akash Ambani.

The value of each card for Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani's marriage is more than 100000 rupees. Shloka Mehta's one-year income is approximately 7 crore rupees. Shloka Mehta's income is up 25%.


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The pace of rotation of the earth is decreasing.

The empire of hundreds of crores erected at such a young age.

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