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1 lakh rupees and golden chance of winning free food for life.

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Hello friends, have come with a lot of good news for you. Now you can earn . 1 lakh rupees and free food for life.Yes guys, this is absolutely right. For this you just have to complete a small condition. After completing this you will be made Millionaire. And absolutely free food for the whole life.. Guys have this condition. You have to eat within 50 minutes. Just three parathas. Yes friends

Largest prantha food

If you have a very easy condition to hear this. Then wait a little,You will find out the whole thing. In fact, there is one restaurant in Rohtak city of Haryana {INDIA}. Whose owner has laid this strange condition.The name of this restaurant is Tapasya Parantha Junction. Which is located on the delhi bypass of Rohtak. The owner of that restaurant has announced this. That if someone is to eat three parathas of that restaurant within 50 minutes. Then he will give that person a cash up to one lakh rupees, one lakh rupees of insurance and free food for life. 

Many people have tried to fulfill this challenge. But so far only two people can fulfill this challenge. Which is the name of Ashwani of Rohtak and Maharaj of Madhya Pradesh. And according to the condition, 1 lakh rupees and food has been given for free throughout life. Mukesh is the owner of Tapasya restaurant and they named their restaurant on the name of their daughter. If you talk about paratha made in this restaurant , then it is 1200 grams and about 2 fit in length . Restaurant  owner Mukesh said that Maharaj of Madhya Pradesh has eaten 4 parathas in 50 minutes. 

Punjabi food

And Rohtak's Ashwani has eaten 3 parathas and has won the prize. He has been eating free food to Ashwani for the last one year and after that there is no winner yet. So friends, wait for whom.Try the power of your stomach.


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